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What Are the Most Common Accounting Issues Small Businesses Face?

Most small business owners love what they do, but that generally won’t include being an accountant. It’s a tedious job that comes with an enormous amount of rules, regulations, gray areas, organization, and knowledge in the accounting industry. 

While many owners will try to take on this task by themselves, it almost always becomes too much to handle at some point. Whether it gets in the way of running the rest of your business or you’re finding way too many errors in your work, hiring a certified public accountant will save you from the everyday hassle. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues small businesses face in their accounting department and how an accountant can help.

Tax Season

Some call it tax season, but any small business owner that has dealt with this knows it’s a year-round activity. Not only are there hundreds of rules you need to stay updated on, but the smallest mistake can prove to be a costly error down the road. 

A certified public accountant will help ensure you aren’t missing out on any tax deductions throughout the year, as well as keep you in the clear of any surprise visits by the IRS. When you know your taxes are in good standing, you won’t have to walk around with the constant worry most owners have. 

Employee Payroll

When you hire someone, it becomes your responsibility to make sure they get paid the right amount and that it gets paid on-time. This will likely be easy to manage for new businesses, but it can quickly become an issue as you hire more employees. 

Hiring a certified public accountant will ensure your employees are satisfied with their employment. They will also keep the state and the federal government happy when they receive their payments on-time. 

Unexpected Expenses

There’s nothing worse than seeing your profit margins decrease month after month due to unexpected expenses knocking on the door. These can come from every corner and always seem to appear at the worst times. Believe it or not, these expenses are preventable with the proper preparation and due diligence. 

Ensuring you always have money stored away for emergencies is essential to avoiding anything coming up out of the blue, but you should also have an emergency plan for when that money isn’t available. Your accountant will be able to manage this every single day to make sure you are never put in a difficult position financially.

Cash Flow

While having an emergency plan will help you steer free of the unexpected, making sure you have incoming cash flow on a consistent basis will allow your business to operate smoothly. Small businesses can achieve this by minimizing expenses, making sure invoices are sent promptly, and ensuring you get paid on-time. 

Small businesses are prone to a variety of accounting issues, but they can be avoided with the right help by your side. If you’re looking to stay more organized throughout the year with personalized accounting services, contact us today!

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