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Can an Accountant Provide Relief During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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2020 has been rough on everyone and while businesses are starting to open up again, we are still left with the uncertainty of how long it will take to repair the damage. There’s no hiding the fact that pressure is at an all-time high for small businesses, which is why having a quality accountant is crucial now more than ever. 

If your business hasn’t invested in an accountant, it’s definitely time to start considering it. They’ve been on the front lines of this COVID-19 pandemic and are playing a significant role in why many businesses are making it through these trying times. 

Among the many benefits of seeking help from an accountant during these difficult times, three stand out above the rest — assistance with government help, managing resources, and preparation. Let’s take a closer look at how these four benefits can keep your business on the path to success. 

Finding the Right Government Help

As much as your business needs help from the government, trying to figure out which programs you qualify for can be extremely confusing. In addition, ensuring that you are accurately and efficiently proceeding through the application process for assistance will only add to the frustration. 

This is where your accountant will make things extremely easy for any small business. Not only are they consistently brushing themselves up with the new laws, regulations, and government assistance programs being honored during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they can also obtain all the information you need in a timely manner. 

Whether you’re looking at government loans, grants, or programs, an accountant will know which route to go — and know how to get there immediately. 

Properly Managing Resources

Your company’s resources are always going to be at the heart of your strategy, but managing them during times like these can become difficult. Accountants are accustomed to dealing with tight budgets and will always make an unbiased, professional decision when dealing with yours. 

They can help you reduce expenses, focus on areas of growth, optimize your cash flow, and give you advice on which products or customers are profitable. Your employees will also need assurance that your company can be trusted during the COVID-19 outbreak, something your accountant will be able to provide. 

Forecasting & Preparation

With so much uncertainty surrounding small businesses right now, being able to look ahead to the future with confidence might seem like far fetched. Luckily, having an accountant by your side can help give you a realistic look at what lies ahead. 

Furthermore, they’ll be able to turn that forecast into an effective strategy. This will allow you to prevent any major mishaps with your business and give you the confidence to continue moving forward — for your customers, employees, and yourself. 

Accountants have seen first-hand how businesses are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With their expertise, they’re giving businesses an opportunity to be proactive at a time when it’s needed the most. 

If you need assistance during this difficult time, I’d be glad to help. Contact me today to discuss your current situation and learn more about how I can help you regain your confidence!


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